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2020 Production Calendar

Updated: May 5, 2020

Hello Hearthians! (That's what I'm calling fans of our publishing company now)

When we finalized our production calendar for this year, we had some ambitious goals. We had planned to release five books this year, a few of which had not yet even been written! But, as we are not in control, nor will we ever be, we have adjusted our scheduled releases as follows. I hope you are just as excited about these upcoming releases as we are!

1. The House on 4/4 Square (May, 2020)

This story will be a unique and poetic introduction to basic music theory. It will be aimed at music education for young children, but even older kids will find their rhythm!

2. The Shepherd (No Cover Image Yet) (August, 2020)

The Shepherd will be a book focused on demonstrating how God is our loving shepherd. Jesus, when He was on earth in bodily form, called Himself the Good Shepherd. This book will take that illustration, and other passages that describe God in this way, and paint a vivid and beautiful picture for our children of our great God, who is not only mighty and powerful, but also tender and caring as a shepherd.

3. FRIENDS Cookbook (October 2020)

This cookbook is sure to be an instant classic with all FRIENDS fans. Providing many of the recipes and classic dishes found in the show, or inspired by it, this book will be a blast to pull out and cook dinner with for your friends, or to even tackle some cooking and make some memories together. We hope you will enjoy this recipe book and make food so delicious that Joey will not share it with anyone... Oh, wait. Joey doesn't share food!

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~ Bob, on behalf of The Stone & Hearth Team

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