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Available Now! Calvin and the Beard Experiment

It has finally happened...

CALVIN AND THE BEARD EXPERIMENT has been released! 🙌👏🎉

We are so excited for this book, our premier title, to be available for all of you to read and enjoy. It has been a fun project for our illustrator and author, Beverly Holtzem. She has worked diligently to produce this unique story, and we think it will be a delightful story for you and your children to enjoy together. This will be the first of hopefully many title releases in our future, so please write a review and let us know how you liked the book. You can leave a review through whatever website you choose to purchase the book. Currently we are offering Calvin and the Beard Experiment online through Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Below are the links to purchase the book.

P.S. We think it would make for a great Christmas gift for those little ones in your life. 🎄😊

Merry Christmas, and thank you for celebrating this release with us!

~ Bob Argenbright, on behalf of Stone & Hearth Publishing House

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