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Upcoming Release! Calvin and the Beard Experiment

Good day, bookworms!

It is turning out to be an exciting autumn for us here at Stone & Hearth Publishing. We have been slowly working on our first release, a children's book written and illustrated by one of our co-founders, Beverly Holtzem!

We are just finishing up the final rounds of editing for this first title, our initial foray into publishing, and we could not be more excited to make it available to you!

The book, Calvin and the Beard Experiment, is a charming and quirky tale of a young inventor named Calvin who spends his days experimenting and inventing gadgets. Unfortunately, they don't always turn out well. Despite the hardships, he is spurred on to create one last great invention that might transform him into a real inventor!

Please join with us in our excitement as we prepare to release this first title! And may there be many more releases to celebrate in our future. 🎉

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